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In a commitment to follow the precautionary measures, the State of Qatar was able to move past the peak of the Coronavirus and flatten the curve. Although this does not mean the pandemic has been reversed or that it has disappeared.

Therefore, in our Taekwondo gym, we continue to note that the main contributing factor for limiting the spread of the virus is the awareness and commitment to following precautionary measures. The students in the class can still learn the basic techniques like how to throw punches, kicks, and form with face masks. 

Before entering the Taekwondo Center, it is strictly advised to show Etheraz, log in their details with their Names, and Phones number to ensure contact tracing, and to check their temperatures. Only fully vaccinated people are allowed to enter the Center with the expectation of the kids who are not eligible for vaccination.

Each class sizes are limited to 20-25. They stay apart from each other on the mats. Parents are allowed to stay and wait, as long as they are wearing a mask. Everyone must clean hands with soap and water, or an alcohol-based hand rub.

Workers make sure they have enough time in between classes to wipe and sanitize everything that is used in the gym before and after a class session.

One parent says, classes over video chats are not the same. “You’re further away from the camera, so the teacher can’t see you” she explained. “As a result, they can’t tell if you’re doing the form correctly. As in person they can see, and they can stop and tell you directly how to correct your stance or your kick, your block, your punch.”

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